We provide a system to enable all golfers to self assess their pace of play and make a change

How It Works

How It Worked For Me


In Modern golf there are few more frustrating issues for golfers than slow play – Course ranger efficiently and discretely notifies players of their pace of play. Enabling problems to be resolved with greater efficiency and minimal interference in play.

The Course Ranger® system is customised to your course and par times.

With quick and easy installation the course is fitted with 18 of our solar powered on-course posts discreetly on the rough cut of each fairway.

You are given a Course Ranger® Tag with their annual subscription. Visitors can be given a Short Life Disposable Course Ranger® Tag when they check in. 

The on-course posts determine what light signal is appropriate as the players approach.

The post then displays the appropriate light:

Green Light notification means...

  • Your pace of play is appropriate

Amber Light notification means...

  • You are beginning to fall behind and need to increase your pace of play

Red Light notification means...

  • Your pace of play is too slow and notification will be sent to course staff indicating this.

A negative light will only be shown if it is your group causing the problem- if you are being held up you will receive a green light.

This information is displayed on our online system in a clear and simple fashion allowing all necessary staff to see and react in the appropriate manner.

What is Required?

  • A Course subscription to Course Ranger.

  • On Course Signal Posts

  • Integrated Members and Visitors tags

If you have any queries on our product or would just like some more information please email us below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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